has been practiced for several thousands of year. It is one branch of thai medicine, which include massage, diet, medicinal treatment and ritual ( spiritual ceremony). The technique involves application of pressure through leaning into the effected body. Just like Shiatsu, Thai Massage uses pressure along energy channel ( called “sen” in Thailand). Muscle compression, joint mobillization and acupressure are also used during treatment . The combination of energetic and physical aspect is what makes Thai Massage unique and so effective. WHAT WE DO ? Thai Massage is a combination of pulling, stretching, kneading, joint rotation, and a variety of massage techniques, (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology). Thai Message emphasizes on muscle flexability, joint release, breathing and inner organ massage, which helps release toxins in the blood and liver. Clients are fully clothed.


* Facilitates relaxation

* Frees blockages in energy flow

* Invigorates the nervous system

* Relieves pain and muscle tension

* Increases ability to absorb nutrition

* Strengthens and rejuvenates the body

* Improves circulation of blood and lymph

* Increase flexibility (passive Yoga posture)


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